Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 'Move'

Since I pointed out a box in the back of my car in a TTC video I have been flooded with questions on why we moved, where we went, how it's going, etc.  So as an enticement to visit my blog (and to stay here, please) I am going to tell you all about it!  Feel free to ask anymore questions as I am an open book!

There were 3 main reasons for the move... Location, Cost & Size. 

First of all no, we did not move far, in fact we only moved about 25 minutes away from our old house.  My husband took a job about 6 months ago in another city and while the job has been great the commute well, for lack of better words, sucked!  It was just over an hour each way.  If you have been following me for a while you know that he works long hours.  So adding 2+ hours of driving each day onto his sometimes ridiculous hours well... we missed him! 
My old commute was about 40 minutes just from my house to my office.  Its now under 15 which is AMAZING!  I have been making a nice family breakfast with the extra time.  If 15 a little over minutes each way doesn't seem like a lot to you, let me break it down:
                         15 minutes each way = 30 minutes a day
                         30 minutes a day X 5 days a working week = 2.5 hours a week
                         2.5 hours a week x 2 months = a FULL DAY

I WILL GET A FULL DAY BACK TO MY LIFE EVERY 2 MONTHS!!!!  I can't not get over this... that's 6-days a year!!  My family makes fun of me for knowing this but seriously- if you're busy you can understand the value of 6 WHOLE days!!  helloooooo!!  that's huge!

Second, the cost.  Oh the stickin' cost.  If you have been living in a deep, dark cave for the last few years you may have missed that we are in a huge & horrible recession.  With that said it has effected both of our incomes (and when Deacon was born ruined all of our plans for me to be a SAHM- grrrrrrr) but we are taking steps now in order to change that for the future.  We sold our house and are testing the waters in a city in-between where we used to live and where my husband works now.  If we like it then we plan to buy at the end of our lease... right now we are just feeling it out (so far- we LOVE it!)  This naturally brings me to our third main reason...

Size!  Have you ever lived in a big house?!?!  Better yet... have you ever been a full time working mom, with a baby, an hour + a day commute, a husband with long hours and an opposite day (only one- which is part of the reason for the new job... he now has two (Tuesday & Wednesday)) off all while spending an hour and a half a day attached to your breast pump, making all of your family meals & all baby food?  If you have then you can easily understand how keeping on top of a 3,000 square foot house with a 1/4 acre back yard is well, unrealistic.  It wasn't working for us.  We just couldn't keep up.  Even with my husband vacuuming & doing to dishes while I put Deacon to sleep we just couldn't keep on top of it and we like to be squeaky clean.  Needless to say, we were not happy.  Plus we would have to call each other if we wanted to communicate while in separate parts of the house.  That is ridiculous!!!  We wanted something cozier, closer, more in tune for our family.  Heck, we all share a bedroom- 2/3 of our old house was wasted space that cost a fortune to heat.  So we shaved 1,000 square feet off, simplified and haven't been this happy in years!
All I have to say is having a big house is not at all what it is cracked up to be!  Seriously!

So there you have it... why we moved.  Hopefully that answers all of your questions (-:


  1. I am glad that the move went well for yall and that you are loving the new place. I hope with the next little one you can be a SAHM!! Sending you lots of ~*Sticky Baby Dust*~ Jeni :)

  2. Hi Jeni! Congratulations on your move. I agree with you! Bigger is not always better. Maybe you should calculate (for fun) how many days you will get back a year from not having to clean the extra square footage! :-)

  3. I remember you talking about the cost of your house impacting your decision to stay home :( Sounds like everyone is much happier and I look forward to a tour.

  4. Hey Jeni!! I'm glad the move went great, it is not always fun HAHA! I'm so happy you made a blog it is wayy easier to update and for all of us to keep up with you! yay!

  5. Glad you are bloging I love my blog reading.