Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/27- 11/2 Meal Plan, Semi Drake Update, Diet Change!

I have been dairy free now for a whole week... the results are less than exciting.  I know I may be premature to judge but with Deacon I noticed MAJOR improvements after day two.  

I cannot handle seeing my son in gas pain hell because of something that I ate... it's breaking my heart and well, I am exhausted!

I know that this all just may be him but the chances of it being something that I am eating are well... better (based off of the diaper evidence).  So after practically no sleep last night (again) I have decided to go extreme with my diet... almost caveman/Paleo  style but with some modifications so that I am not starving- I still need enough calories to feed us both!

So here is our meal plan for the next week.  The only allergy item that I am not yet cutting out are eggs.  If in a week he is still miserable then see ya later eggs!  

I feel like I sound crazy but if I don't try this I will never know.  Talk about eating HEALTHY!  lol

All homemade, of course, and absolutely nothing processed in any way /-;

  • Veggie Soup
  • Fish, Veggies & Rice
  • Large Salads w/ Egg & Chicken
  • Roasted Chicken & Veggies
  • Chicken Fried Rice
  • Chicken & Rice Soup
  • Dinner with my parents

So we shall see... this way I don't have to try just tomatoes, peanut butter, soy, dairy, etc. etc. etc.  I can just nail it all out and in a while bring things back one by one if when we are ready.

I'll keep ya posted!