Friday, August 26, 2011

8/27-9/2 Menu Plan

Next week I am challenging myself not to grocery shop… it is rare that we have enough milk (my husband went and bought some yesterday) and produce to get us through but we are actually in a good position this week.

We have a ton of things for meals and they just need to be used as well as a few frozen meals that I have made and have in the freezer.

So… no menu plan this week.  I will just have to get creative on a nightly basis and hopefully use everything up so that nothing goes to waste.  We already have two meals from last week that will "roll over", then dinner with my parents, and I am sure a night out (or an event or something) so there is a good chunk there…

If I succeed at this and we only spend say $20 on odds and ends or a meal out then it will make up from my Chiropractic appointments this week in hopes to get this little man to flip (this wasn't my reason for doing this... my stuffed freezer this morning was... but hey- another perk!)!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Friday, August 19, 2011

8/20-8/26 Menu Plan

It's downright CRAZY that next week my menu plan with include dates for September!! 


Anyhow... we are still in August!  Here is our last full week of just August dinners:

  • Marinated Grilled Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes & a veggie
  • Veggie Burgers, Homemade Mac & Cheese & a veggie
  • Cheese Enchiladas, Rice, Beans & Avocado
  • Lasagna (frozen meal from a few weeks ago), cheesy garlic bread & a veggie (or salad)
  • Leftovers/Grab Night
  • Tuesday: Playdate night at a friend's house (we will probably have build your own pizza's for the kids)
  • Friday: Parent's House

Hope you have a great week and stay cool! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Menu Plan: 8/13-8/19

Here is next week's menu:

BBQ Chicken/Steak, Summer Pasta Salad & Corn on the Cob
Calzones or BBQ Pizza & Cesar Salad (super easy & FAST pizza dough recipe to come!)
Mexican Bean Soup w/ Avocados
Chicken Pockets & Salad
Date Night to celebrate our anniversary (=
Grab/Left Over's Night
Dinner with my Parents

Hope you have a wonderful week!

We have been needing the 'free' night (aka grab/leftover/etc.) as with all of the summer events, BBQ's, etc. I have been over planning...

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Weekly Goals... my Pregnancy 'To Do' list [Week 1; Aug 1-7]

I plan to share more about this in my 'Pregnancy Vlog Week 30' but I figured I would post the first week here and now.  I am hoping that by sharing it with you guys I will keep myself honest and ON TRACK!  I decided to break out my weekly goals for myself as a way to sleep at night, seriously!  Granted I only wake up once or twice a night to pee when I do it takes me a good hour to fall back asleep.  I literally lay in bed thinking about all of the things that I have to get done prior to this baby's arrival.  It is truly intimidating.

My list is long and aggressive but it is the only way that I can get it all done!  So in addition to my weekly menu plan I hope to post and share how things are going with my massive 'to do'.  Much of it may seem petty to you but they are things that honestly weigh on me day after day and night after night. 

Here is my list for this week:

  • Organize pictures & print for Boys'  Baby Books
  • Fill out d's Belly Book to date and complete D's 3rd tri-mester scrapbook pages
  • Complete Deacon's pregnancy journal by watching my old YT videos (wk 20-38) - I may just burn a CD of these and put it in his book?
  • Breastfeeding Videos (My journey w/ D) and my hopes/dreams w/ d
  • Blow up Birth Ball

As of today I have…

  • Spent about 8 hours so far this week working on filling in the gaps (all of the book writing), finding pictures (I had four computers to search), etc.  I cannot ever let myself get this far behind again!  It's been crazy trying to find everything and fill in all of the spaces.  I so wish I had just kept up with it as things happened!  I need a better system for organizing all of this stuff too! 
  • I ordered 151 photos off of and plan to get them all in their appropriate places this weekend.  I am picking them up after work (these pictures are simply the ones that have a designated home in one of the many books that I am working on). 
  • I posted one of the two BFing videos I wanted to post this week (I have until Sunday to get the second one up!  Happy WBW!
  • I have not watched any old videos/burned a CD or blown up the birth ball.

I'd like to think that I am about half way done which isn't too bad seeing in which I am coming off of the work week and have worked on these things after Deacon goes to bed (yes, I am tired!)

Well this post is long enough… but thanks for listening!  Feels good to see what I have done/need to do typed out and in my face (=

Menu Plan 8/6-8/12

This week was a little funky so we didn't get to eat all of our meals which was nice because I was able to roll them over.  I am going to swing by Costco after work and skip out on Whole Foods and Wal-Mart this week.  I did however order from our Organic Produce delivery company this week!

  • Big Baked Potatoes w/ Broccoli, Cheese & all the other goods
  • Calzones & Salad
  • Tilapia, Artichokes & Pasta
  • Spaghetti, Salad & Garlic Bread
  • Mexican Bean Soup w/ Avocados
  • Grab Night/Left Over's/Home Made Freezer Meal
  • Dinner with Parents
Hope you have a fantastic week!  (=