Monday, January 3, 2011

Hey guys! 

As you know Facebook was a no-go for me!  (sorry about that!)  I may look into a "fan" page one day???

Needless to say I will be giving the blogging world a try!  Often times I want to show things & share things but it's late and I have no good lighting, or I can't get a few private moments to talk at my phone or video camera or Deacon (or even my husband!) is a being a handful, etc.... really the 'excuses' go on and on!

So here I am!  Hopefully you will follow me here too! 

Best wishes for a fantastic 2011!



  1. Good luck, Jeni! I love blogging, and in fact I'm making tons of revamps over on my page. I'm hoping to use it as a tool for giveaways/reviews, because finding youtube viewers is more difficult than I thought. Anyway, I wanted to formally welcome you into the blogging world. Looking forward to keeping up with you.

  2. This is wonderful! To me, blogging is so much easier to keep up...all your wonderful ideas are in one page! Thank you so much for your awesome ideas, meal plans, and all the other good info you have for us! I really enjoy following you :) Thank you especially for the meal helps me get organize! Also for the breastfeeding really encouraged me and helped me get ready before my baby girl was born (4 months now) Thank you!!

  3. Excited about following our blog, but I do hope you still continue to create vlogs at YT. :)