Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As requested: My Mexican Soup

A good friend of mine introduced me to this concept.  Use scraps to create something amazing in the form of a Mexican Soup.  So each time I make it, I make it a little bit different.  I will share with you my staples.  Sorry there isn't an actual recipe.

  • Beans- I like the mixes.  I buy the beans in bulk and they cost around $2-$3 for a ton of organic beans.  You can also just use pinto, black, etc.
  • Rotel Tomatoes.  Buying canned tomatoes over fresh actually increases the lycopene absorption by 2 or 3 times win-win when they're not in season.  You can also use just canned tomatoes & green chilies. 
  • Corn
  • Chicken bouillon, or stock (in lieu of water)
  • Seasonings… salt/pepper/taco seasoning/etc.

Added Bonus items:
Peppers (this last time I used green bell peppers)
Green Beans
Green Onions
(really, anything!!)

Topping must haves:
Sour Cream

This last go around I made enough for dinner that night, lunch for my husband, me, my Mom (who was over to help watch D while I unpacked some), and enough to freeze and save for dinner & lunches when I reheat it again.  Of course Deacon will eat from it all of those times too.  So for fun, I will break it down:

Beans: $2.50
Rotel Tomatoes: $3.00
Corn: $.50
Green Pepper: $.75
Avocado (2): $2.00
Sour Cream: ~$1.50
Cheese: ~$2.00

Total: $12.25
Total Meals: 13

Total Cost Per Person/Per Meal (for the COMPLETE meal): $0.94  (gotta love it!)


  1. Sounds delicious! I think I'll pass it onto my hubby, the cook in our house!

    Just wanted to say a quick "hello," as well as a big thanks. I stumbled upon your YT channel somehow and then onto the cloth diaper channel, so I appreciate all of the info and love watching your videos.

    Also, I just wanted to encourage you not to get discouraged by the TTC wait. You mentioned in your video that everything has a proper time, and we recently welcomed our sweet little miracle baby after a 3 1/2 year struggle to become (and stay) pregnant. The wait was at times torture, but today I am so very thankful for the journey and mostly for the end result...the timing was absolutely right!

    Looking forward to reading/watching more! Lots of luck, hoping that this month is your month!!

    The Subfertile Frugalista

  2. Jeni!
    i follow you on you tube and i believe we are facebook friends also! so glad you have joined the blogging community.

    I wish you all the very best of luck especially with regards to a new little addidtion to your cute family : )

    My son is now 16 months old i can not believe it!

    Check out my blog and please follow if you are even slightly interested lol : )

    Take care honey x