Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When Deacon was born my Mom decided that she 'needed' some "grandbaby" time each week.  I loved the idea… in fact I wish she could watch him the 3 days a week my husband and I are both at work (we have different days off).  But she too works.  Shortly after his birth she negotiated taking Fridays as a half day so she could take him from noon on. 

Each Friday I go and pick Deacon up from his daycare, nurse him and meet my mom for lunch if time permits.  She takes him home from there and they do their thing until I get off work and pick him up.  This is also the time that I get to visit with my parents each week (well, up until this last Sunday- we have made it a standing [early] morning date in the hills for target practice- my parents are finally going to get to spend some time with my husband again).  We take advantage of that time by having dinner together.  My parents are out of this world cooks!  ahhhhhhh their food is simply amazing!  In fact, I worry about making anything for them (outside of baked goods) because they are outstanding chefs (-:  My husband works late (he gets home at about 8:30) on Fridays so I bring him home a plate.

This is why I only plan and make 6 meals a week!  Deacon and my parents have an amazing bond, they do all sorts of fun things (he even has his own room there!) and I get an amazing dinner.  Plus, best of all, Deacon only has to go to daycare 2 1/2 days a week- best of both worlds if you ask me.  I still hate the idea of taking him to "daycare" but it's not all that bad- there are some perks!!!  I feel so blessed with it all!


  1. That's great that Deacon gets to have such a good relationship with his grandparents. My kids see their grandparents pretty often, too, and we love it. Both sets of my kids' grandparents live within 15 minutes of our house, but we definitely see my parents more. My parents get all antsy to see them if it's been more than a day or two -- and I love that :o)

    And double bonus that your family loves to cook delicious meals :o)

  2. That is awesome. I think its such a blessing to have grandparents, and am glad to see that Deacon has special time with his.

  3. We also live close to my parents. While we don't see my dad as often as I'd like we do see my mom at least once a week. It's wonderful to see the relationship that develops from living so close, and enjoying the occasional night off when Shaelyn has a sleepover at Grandma's house :)