Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is it me or him? Big milestone today!

As you may or may not know I have gone and seen/nursed/rocked Deacon to sleep every single day he has been in daycare (with the exception of the day I couldn't get up (literally) from mastitis).  Last week I threw out the idea of seeing if he could fall asleep on his own.  So today we tried it.  He falls asleep without me the majority of the days that he is home with my husband so I thought just maybe he could do it at daycare too? 

Today at lunch he went to sleep without me… After eating lunch he [like always] went right over to his cot & laid down.  Normally they would give him  a few books to read while he waited for me if I hadn't already been waiting for him.  Today they didn't.  Instead they made a "Deacon sandwich", as she put it, in two of his blankets (I think the sheets they use on their cots are too rough so I like to have a blanket under and over him :-) After laying down he was still for a minute and then started getting a little restless like he couldn't get really comfy.  He looked back at the door a few times and at one point I sent my husband a text asking why I was even doing this.  After about a minute of him being a little restless but never getting up or leaving his tummy his teacher sat down next to him and rubbed his back for a few minutes.  She got up, he stayed down and he was passed smooth out. 

Less than 5 minutes from lunch table to snoring.

I called just a few minutes ago to see how he slept and she said that he slept like a rock!  They had to wake him up.  Granted he was a little more tired than usual (the weather is AMAZING today so they have been out a ton) he still fell asleep [almost all] on his own.  He is having snack now and seems like all is normal.

I don't know why I felt compelled to share… I wanted to keep it for my own personal keep sake and who knows, I may help someone?

All in all he did great… I bawled like a baby!  I couldn't believe that my baby didn't need me to fall asleep.  Sometimes I wonder if it's me or him that creates these "needs."  Part of me feel like if it were him there would have been a fight or a tear… something but nope, nada.  I think I am happy it went so smooth?  I wouldn't have allowed him to fuss or CIO.  I feel like when the time is right it is… no reason to push it or possibly in this case delay?

and in case you were wondering I am not trying to wean him but I wouldn't hate cutting back a bit, maybe even napping on my lunch break? (-:


  1. that is so sweet, i teared up reading this- i think its us that create the "need" my daughter is 20 months and she doesnt leave my side but i babysit a few hours a day 3 days a week an she stays w/ my hubby- well she got in the car w/t he lady i babysit an her kids one day an waved to me (they were just playing around to see what she'd do) an she smiled an waved...i think i shed a tear i wanted her to cry out for me lol, we just love our babies to much, imagine the day when they want sleep overs...i've never slept from her an im afraid of having another baby bc i will have to be a few days apart from her :/ sounds bad sometimes to say that ?

  2. Wow this is such a big step!! He is becoming such a big boy :) and a nap for you during a break sounds pretty nice to me hehe

  3. You have done a great job as a mom and this is the proof!