Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Movements

So I should wait until my week 11 vlog to talk about it however it is too exciting not to share earlier!

Three days ago I accepted the fact that yes indeed I am feeling this baby move!  It started about a week ago and I didn't believe it.  I thought that I was just plain nuts as it's really early. 

Well since I have been feeling the baby move a handful of times each day (about 1-4).  It's mostly just when I am sitting at my desk, reading something or when I am laying in bed at night before I fall asleep, etc.  It is in just about the same spot every time and it is oh so exciting!!! 

I am however a little worried that this is a really wild one! [-;


  1. wow, that's great! Feeling my baby move was my favorite part of pregnancy. And you get to feel it for almost 30 weeks, so cool =)

  2. I am currently 30 weeks preg with my first, but it is so neat to hear how different your second pregnancy is!

  3. I Am Currently 27 Weeks Pregnant With My Second & started Feeling Her Move Right About That Time Too :) & Let Me Say She Is Now Moving Constantly! From What I've Read & Been Told You Feel The Baby Earlier With Your Second Pregnancy.

  4. I randomly found your youtube videos and decided I liked you a lot:) I was only 16 weeks when I felt my baby move for the first time and it's my first. It's so much fun.. and what a neat little (or really big!) blessing to feel him or her move so early. And yes, my little girly is a MOVER AND A SHAKER! So you're in for a treat;-)