Monday, March 7, 2011

I lied...

I was so gung ho about meal planning a week well, two weeks ago and now Nope… NOT AT ALL… isn't going to happen!  The idea of eating 99% of food makes me sick!  I am really struggling with the morning sickness.  My stomach moved into my throat and doesn't know it's way back home!  With Deacon is was so much different… however with this pregnancy it is ALL the time.  I get no breaks, whatsoever!

I hate to complain but it's tough!  In a weird way it's nice and reassuring but in another it's just like come on…  PLEASE give me a break! 

Needless to say I won't be posting my menu plans (the words make me gag) for a while… I promise as soon as I start back up with it I will resume sharing.  In the meantime I will remain nauseous X-;

On that note… do you have any special home remedies to cure this unpleasant side effect of pregnancy?

Thank you guys!


  1. Whole foods has ginger lemon suckers that have helped me tremendously!! At first they taste a little weird, but you get used to it. Also, I don't ever have to eat a whole one, I save it and it gets me through about 3 nauseous times.

  2. I used to drink a caffeine free pepsi in the morning with lots of ice and i would stir all the bubbles out. It really worked! I also used the B-Natal pops. They were pretty good too. Hope you're feeling better sooN!

  3. I'd recommend getting the nausea pills from your doctor that was the only thing that truly helped me. Then make sure to snack all day. Good luck and eat whatever you feel like