Monday, March 21, 2011

First Baby Appointment… TOMORROW!

I have countdowns for many things on my phone... this one has been on for over a month and finally... 1 DAY!

Tomorrow we have our first appointment for this baby- FINALLY!  At this point in Deacon's pregnancy I had already seen him 2 weeks prior to now, had multiple blood draws completed and knew as much about him as I possibly could at this point.

Right now I don't even know if I am carrying one baby or two.

I. am. nervous.

I. am. excited.

I can't wait!!

Sunday morning I was called by the Doctor's office we are going to tomorrow.  The CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) that I had had my apt. with had a death in her family and is going to be out of town all week.  Immediately I started to well up, I think the receptionist heard my voice crack because she got me in at the same time with an OBGYN.  Although I really didn't want to see an OB I am okay with it because I am now 99% sure I will get a Sono!  Gotta find the good in everything!  (still trying to find the good in a male OB!)

My Home Birth Midwife suggested this office (specifically the OBGYN we are now seeing) as they are kind to transfer patients.  Trust me, I am not living in fantasy land I want to keep all of my options open and easily accessible! 

So this is where I stand;
  • Is the baby ok?!? 
    • I just want to know that this is a happy, healthy, properly growing baby
  • Are we having Multiples?
    • I have had countless dreams that we are
  • Was I right or was OvaCue right? 
    • There is a week's difference in the dates

I really just want to see and/or hear this baby.  When I feel good (unlike now- PLEASE stomach… go back home!!) I wonder if I am making all of my symptoms up and if I just forgot I had my period, etc.  I know that makes me sound like a crazy person and I KNOW I am pregnant I guess I just want that reassurance. 
A very good, local, friend of mine found out early last week that she lost her baby.  She was a week behind me.  She didn't want to get into details until after my appointment but I am now heartbroken for her and fearful of my appointment (this is where the scared factor comes into play). 

I will upload my vlog tonight and of course share all about the appointment in next week's vlog but in the meantime I just wanted to share how I was feeling- sorry for any scatterbrain-ness

Hope you all are doing well! 


  1. New follower here :) I cannot wait to follow your pregnancy- such an exciting time! I have a 12 week old (whoa, how is he already that old!)that I blog about if you want to stop by!

  2. So excited for you!! I am now 29 weeks, but I did not have a dr's appt until 12, and did not hear the hb until 16... I TOTALLY get the not thinking your pregnant thing! Early pregnancy is torture. Good luck!

  3. Alright Jeni - I'm dying here! How did your appointment go today? How many babies are in there? hehe. I just don't think I can wait til this weekend for another update!!!!