Monday, March 14, 2011

I Would NEVER...

While I was pregnant with Deacon my "I will NEVER" list was oh so long! 

My Mom, Deacon and I were at Ikea this last Saturday and I had to laugh… did you guys have these cute little fantasy thoughts before you had kids?

I have been meaning to make a vlog on this for quite some time as my list was quite long and now quite hilarious! 

This day alone I broke a few on my [first] pregnancy parenting standards… I am sure if I saw this set up while shopping it would have been on my list.  However I see it as quite clever… here is why:

  • Only my Mom or I needed to push him (the other was hands free) v. us both pushing something
  • He was in the reclining position that he sleeps best in
  • To get him here we had, had a successful transfer from the car to the stroller in the parking lot- could I ask for more?!?

He woke up after a little shopping and immediately asked for "night night" here is where I broke a few of my major "I would NEVER" rules

  • I nursed him in public (granted he was in the Ergo and he was covered- no one would know unless they too have done it)
  • I nursed my walking, talking, mouth full of teeth [almost] 22 months old toddler (GASP!)

So I wanted to share… My list is LONG!  When I get a chance I will do a video on it all as it is quite funny now! 

Like I have said before- be flexible!  Man it makes parenting easier!


  1. You have a lot of good points.
    Erica*midwestbeauty on youtube*

  2. My husband about died when I carried my 5 month old through Target, nursing her while shopping. I had my nursing cover on but he kept saying someone was going to say something to me lol! I said, I dare them to!

  3. is that deacon in the pic or a pic you took? lol

  4. I have to ask...has he ever bit you with all his teeth? That would scare me I think the most. Your carrier covers that well for that big of a child? Maybe I need to get one of those for the next go around :)

  5. isn't it always like that. Before the first baby you have all thise ideas of how things are going to be, but most of the time you run into situations where your baby do not agree with what you read in the baby book.

  6. I was pretty young when I had my first so I didn't have a lot of I'll never. Having a child definitely changes your perspective and I'm of the mind "Whatever works"