Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I must confess today totally snuck up on me!  So in my desperation to find a GREEN shirt I dug through my consignment pile, untagged this shirt and threw it on him… can you believe that it is 6-9 MONTHS!?!  Yes, he is almost two!  Gotta love The Children's Place polo sizing!


  1. WoW! some of the clothes at that store are like that. It's still super cute on him.

    Erica*MidwestBeauty on youtube*

  2. aww i miss pics of deacon, hes just so cute!! and dont feel bad i did same thing, i forgot it was st pattys day till the night before, and found a cute dress in the "pack away we might have another girl box" and it was a 6/9 month dress and it fit her so perfect and shes 20 months lol

  3. he is going to be Two soon....are you planning another Amazing Birthday Party???