Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Thoughts & Pictures from the River (Me + 3 dogs + 2 kids)

I should have refilled the air in our stroller's tires a LONG time ago!

Drake stop eating the rocks

Why must our dogs walk all the way over to us to shake off?

Drake don't eat that dirt

Man that sunscreen is white!

Cannon please don't wander and pass out!

Gauge!! Come on Gaugey!

Head count... 1,2....3 dogs- 1,2 kids okay

Caliber be sweet

Ahhhhhh shade!!

Should've brought some carrots!

Gotta turn around

Really Cannon?!

Finally!!! Geeze

Let's GO!!


  1. Hi, further to your YT vid, I thought you might be interested to hear this video which is an interview of a writer who talks about homescholing/school issues and sahm/working moms :

  2. Love your blog and vidoes! I feel like that everytime I leave the house and I'm no where as big of an explorer as you are... I'd love for you to check out my blog if you've got a minute!

  3. Love these kinds of posts! Isn't it great to go on a walk with the family.