Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Homemade] Frozen Meals

I mentioned in my Meal Plan last week that I was going to be having a frozen [homemade] meal at one point this week.  We had one last night- Chili Rellanos.  They were DELISH and I had no prep. no dishes. nada.  My husband threw them in the oven before I left work and about 45 minutes after I got home we threw some beans in the microwave and chowed.

A very good friend of mine and myself have been talking about doing some freezer cooking since we were first pregnant.  Needless to say it's taken two year but we FINALLY set a date and did it!  Our boys are only two months apart so it was a mix of a play date, cooking, chatting and fun!  We had a blast and spent about 5 hours getting everything done and visiting.

We each planned two dishes to double totalling 4 total dishes.

These pictures are terrible as you can see very little… but under I label what it is (-: 

Everything is homemade & from scratch!!

Chili Rellanos

Lasagna (with marinara from scratch)

Potato Soup

Chicken Enchiladas (with enchilada sauce from scratch)
This is a picture of the bottom of the dish.  The top is all cheese (-;

Granted it is only four meals but that is one meal a week that is DONE for the next month! 


  1. I love this idea!! I even bought a cookbook specifically for making freezer meals and have yet to do it! :( But this gives me inspiration!! Looks great! I love your blog and videos btw!

  2. Hook me up with your home made enchillada sauce!

  3. Oh that is such a great idea! I always wondered does the flavors of the food still taste the same as if cooking on the spot? Or does it taste re-heated?