Friday, February 4, 2011

2-6-11 to 2-11-11 Menu Plan

This week has been pretty neat and super laid back as far as food goes.  In cooking with things that I already had this week I have found so much more that needs to be made.  Because I shopped at Costco last week I still have leftover spinach, potatoes & broccoli.  Well the potatoes are not from Costco (I WISH they would carry organic potatoes) but I let Deacon pick them out at Whole Foods and he picked out a ton!

With that said I am going to challenge myself to use up even more and save the money for our following week's vacation.  We are having good friends come and stay with us for a week.  We did our menu plan about a month ago along with our grocery list.  I will show everything we buy and make (-:  Should be fun!  We will be feeding 7 people; 1 of which (HOPEFULLY 2 [me!]) is a pregnant woman (-:   They are coming in on Saturday so I only need to plan for my family from Sunday-Friday.

Here are the ideas I already have running through my mind for next week:

  • Broccoli, Chicken & Rice (with a homemade sauce- NOT the cream soup)
  • Creamy Chicken Soup (leftovers from when I made it last)
  • Chicken Burritos (I have tortillas, chicken & cooked pinto beans -all frozen just waiting to be assembled) & a veggie
  • Roasted Chicken, veggies & bread (I found a chicken in my garage freezer that I bought about a month and a half ago (I blame moving for my loss if it!  sheesh- that’s almost embarrassing to write))
  • Mexican Soup (we ended up having PB&J's one night last week- they just sounded so good!!)
  • Dinner at my parents house

Now these are all things that I already have.  From this all I only need to buy some basic items:

Fruit (for breakfasts/snacks/etc)

And that’s it!  Maybe like $30 for the week?  We shall see… but I am super excited to do this again- for even less!

Here is my challenge to you- do the same!  Make some room in your pantry, clean out your freezer and save some money!  I thought my cabinets were already bare but boy was I wrong!  I think I could honestly do this for another 2 weeks!

Happy Eating!

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