Monday, May 23, 2011

Freezer Cooking Day (Take 2)

Once again this weekend a good friend of mine and myself got together for a big freezer cooking day.  The boys (her son and Deacon- they're 2 months apart) didn't want the day to be super easy and although they were trying at times we managed to finish up a 1/3 of a month's worth of dinners!  We each tackled 3 recipes and split up/doubled (well quadrupled) batches where it was easy.

We each ended up with the following:

Chicken Pot Pie
Balsamic Chicken Sandwiches
Chicken Spaghetti (2 dishes worth)
Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Shells (3 dishes worth)
Chicken Picadillo (2 dishes worth)
Chicken Enchiladas

My freezer as of last night (the bags were freezing flat)

And although it is a LOT of work in one day were learning… next on our priority list is to do more of the little prep the night before and start earlier so we don't push so far in to nap times.  Were figuring it out- one month at a time but man it's sure making life easy.  Again, I wish I would have done it sooner!


  1. This sounds fantastic! I would love to start doing this! The most I do is freeze leftovers to make them again later. I'm actually doing that tonight with Taco Soup! It's a great meal that freezes well!

  2. Do you have recipes for any of these freezer meals??