Monday, September 5, 2011

9/5-9/10 Meal Plan

So this is super late!  The holiday weekend totally has me all thrown off!  My produce even showed up today- opps!  (I need to pay them next!)  

Anyhow I guess everything works for a reason because I was slacking on my menu plan on Friday, then forgot the cancel the produce delivery for the week... and it all worked out because I ended up making my menu plan based off of the goods that showed up at our door this afternoon.  

Tuesday:  Playdate at my house- Nacho Bar!  (fun kid meal!) 
Wednesday: Giant Salads (with Turkey, Cheese, Eggs, and a bunch of veggies)
Thursday: Veggie Bean Soup with Rolls 
Friday: Dinner at my parents house
Saturday: BBQ Chicken, Yams & Salad

Okay- going to pay for my produce now!  lol  (=  Total whoopsie!  

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