Friday, August 5, 2011

My Weekly Goals... my Pregnancy 'To Do' list [Week 1; Aug 1-7]

I plan to share more about this in my 'Pregnancy Vlog Week 30' but I figured I would post the first week here and now.  I am hoping that by sharing it with you guys I will keep myself honest and ON TRACK!  I decided to break out my weekly goals for myself as a way to sleep at night, seriously!  Granted I only wake up once or twice a night to pee when I do it takes me a good hour to fall back asleep.  I literally lay in bed thinking about all of the things that I have to get done prior to this baby's arrival.  It is truly intimidating.

My list is long and aggressive but it is the only way that I can get it all done!  So in addition to my weekly menu plan I hope to post and share how things are going with my massive 'to do'.  Much of it may seem petty to you but they are things that honestly weigh on me day after day and night after night. 

Here is my list for this week:

  • Organize pictures & print for Boys'  Baby Books
  • Fill out d's Belly Book to date and complete D's 3rd tri-mester scrapbook pages
  • Complete Deacon's pregnancy journal by watching my old YT videos (wk 20-38) - I may just burn a CD of these and put it in his book?
  • Breastfeeding Videos (My journey w/ D) and my hopes/dreams w/ d
  • Blow up Birth Ball

As of today I have…

  • Spent about 8 hours so far this week working on filling in the gaps (all of the book writing), finding pictures (I had four computers to search), etc.  I cannot ever let myself get this far behind again!  It's been crazy trying to find everything and fill in all of the spaces.  I so wish I had just kept up with it as things happened!  I need a better system for organizing all of this stuff too! 
  • I ordered 151 photos off of and plan to get them all in their appropriate places this weekend.  I am picking them up after work (these pictures are simply the ones that have a designated home in one of the many books that I am working on). 
  • I posted one of the two BFing videos I wanted to post this week (I have until Sunday to get the second one up!  Happy WBW!
  • I have not watched any old videos/burned a CD or blown up the birth ball.

I'd like to think that I am about half way done which isn't too bad seeing in which I am coming off of the work week and have worked on these things after Deacon goes to bed (yes, I am tired!)

Well this post is long enough… but thanks for listening!  Feels good to see what I have done/need to do typed out and in my face (=


  1. I have to resort to lists these days! Life is so busy and they are so helpful in remembering and motivation. They are also scary because they show all the things that still need to get done. You seem to be quite organized though, I only have my daughetrs scrapbook done until her 7th month... she'll be two in October...!haha

  2. Hi Jeni,

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    I came across Tonya's story in a fitness blog that I read, and I just feel an urgent need to do whatever I can to help spread the message to others. If you could just check out her website and if it touches your heart, perhaps you could share it with your blog readers and with your vlog viewers. Thanks so much for your time!

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  3. Jeni,

    Love your Vlogs and have been following them for some time, but just found your blog :)

    Love your baby buys videos. How many cloth diapers should I buy before my first one is born? Not sure how many of each size to get- please Help! Do you have just one toilet attachment in your home? (ie 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs?) How difficult are cloth diapers when you go out of the house? Sorry I have so many questions.

    I know you are a busy mom and I admire you a great deal! So no rush on a reply I know family comes first :)

    I love all your videos and don't think you could do too many! Keep them coming - they are so helpful especially to new moms!!

    Thank you for your time,

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